5 Worker’s Compensation Myths

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance designed to protect injured workers. The coverage pays medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation for injured workers. Many myths surround worker’s compensation, however, leaving some people wondering what’s true and what’s a lie. Take a look below to learn five of the most common worker’s compensation myths and the truth behind the matter.

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1.    You Must be on the Jobsite to File a Claim: Any time you are doing work for an employer you qualify for worker’s compensation benefits in the event of an injury. This includes employees who drive for a company or who work at off-site locations.

2.    You Cannot File a Claim if You Caused the Accident: Workers compensation insurance pays medical bills and damage regardless of who is at-fault for the accident. Fault, however, may limit your ability to file a lawsuit.

3.    Employers Decide if You Get Benefits: Your employee is simply a middleman in a worker’s compensation matter. He takes the report and files it appropriately. He has no say in whether you receive benefits or do not receive them.

4.    You’ll Get Fired if You File a Claim: Although an employer may try to fire an employee in unusual circumstances, it is an illegal act and very much out of the norm. Employers are not impacted by the claim and want employees to benefit.

5.    Lawyers Take All Your Money: Lawyers are needed in certain workers comp claims. It’s a myth that they charge nearly all of the winnings from the claim, however.

If you need more information or think that you have grounds to file a lawsuit, reach out to a workers compensation attorney salem oregon at once. It doesn’t cost a dime to speak to an attorney during a consultation to go over the facts of your case.