Are You Workers Compensation Literate?

What do you know about workers’ compensation? Most people know that it is insurance that pays for injuries if they’re hurt at work, but little other information about the coverage. That simply isn’t acceptable. If you are injured, workers compensation insurance protects you and ensures the injury doesn’t get the best of you. It’s imperative to take the time to learn more about the coverage now so you aren’t out in the cold later.

What Happens if You are Injured?

iowa workers compensation law

Learning if your company offers workers compensation, how it works, and how you qualify after an accident is not the ideal time to gather this information. You have so much more to worry about during this time. When you learn the iowa workers compensation law now, there is less worry later in the event you are injured and need help.

Get What You Deserve

Education helps you get the things that you are entitled to and deserve in the time of need, such as after a workplace injury. Did you know that you qualify for workers compensation insurance even if you caused the injury? This is one fact that you should know now!

It is Your Protection

Workers compensation insurance protects employees in the event they’re injured. Don’t let your insurance rates jack up to pay for your own injuries when this coverage is there to protect you when it’s needed!

Final Thoughts

There is so much to know about workers’ compensation. We never plan to be injured or to need this coverage but the fact is, thousands of people experience workplace injury every single day. We must prepare for the unexpected and be ready to fight back when necessary. Learn more about workers comp now and be prepared for whatever comes your way in the future.